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Aproveite para jogar agora diversos jogos de Puzzle no melhor site de jogos friv do Brasil. Todos os jogos em nosso site sempre serão gratuitos. Está esperando o que? Comece a jogar agora mesmo!
Jogos Online - Ratsuk
Force the opponent to a position without a valid move
(Jogado: 1,775)
Jogos Online - Reaction Effect
Reaction Effect
Tiles that are connected with the target tile chosen will be turned and form ...
(Jogado: 1,104)
Jogos Online - Rickshaw Jam
Rickshaw Jam
This is a remake of the classic chinese puzzle. You have to get the ricksaw o...
(Jogado: 2,509)
Jogos Online - Rings
Arrange the balls as shown in the picture.
(Jogado: 641)
Jogos Online - River Game
River Game
The object is to get all the people across the river. There are rules to be obey
(Jogado: 3,209)
Jogos Online - Rotation
Rotate the virus so that it form the desire pattern
(Jogado: 1,547)
Jogos Online - Roulette
Place your bet on the roulette
(Jogado: 2,806)
Jogos Online - Royal Poker
Royal Poker
5-card Poker game
(Jogado: 1,794)
Jogos Online - Rush Hour Madness
Rush Hour Madness
This game is based on a Chinese puzzle. Your objective is to lead your vehicl...
(Jogado: 5,790)
Jogos Online - Sarvik
15 diamonds are hidden in the dungeons. Find them.
(Jogado: 2,410)
Jogos Online - Shanghai Dynasty
Shanghai Dynasty
A clone of the popular Chinese tile game - Mahjongg. This version offer 2 gam...
(Jogado: 3,087)
Jogos Online - Shanghai Mahjongg
Shanghai Mahjongg
Shanghai is another name for the classic Chinese game call Mahjongg
(Jogado: 2,620)
Jogos Online - Shove It
Shove It
Another puzzle game involving pushing the block into the right location
(Jogado: 2,859)
Jogos Online - Sign of Zodiac
Sign of Zodiac
This is a 5 column, 3 reels slot machine with Zodiac theme
(Jogado: 1,905)
Jogos Online - Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior
Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior
Fujin train Sinjid to fight the Fallen Army
(Jogado: 2,878)
Jogos Online - Slider Mania
Slider Mania
A sliding puzzle game
(Jogado: 1,840)
Jogos Online - Snoopy Click
Snoopy Click
Snoopy Cilck is a game with its intention to test your memory capability.
(Jogado: 2,063)
Jogos Online - Solitaire
Solitaire with illustrated card face
(Jogado: 2,543)
Jogos Online - Sonic Heroes Puzzle
Sonic Heroes Puzzle
Stack blocks and clear them with a corresponding character block. Earn bonus ...
(Jogado: 12,026)
Jogos Online - Sparks
Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center
(Jogado: 2,419)
Jogos Online - Spelling Game
Spelling Game
Match the alphabet to become a word.
(Jogado: 1,170)
Jogos Online - Spin to Win
Spin to Win
Simples caça níqueis
(Jogado: 1,037)
Jogos Online - Spore Cubes
Spore Cubes
Explode cubed by clicking on groups of same-colored cubes.
(Jogado: 6,884)
Jogos Online - Sports Smash
Sports Smash
The objective of this game is to quickly align 3 or more of objects horizonta...
(Jogado: 4,713)
Jogos Online - Stackopolis MC
Stackopolis MC
You have limited time to stack up the tiles as per the blueprint. Successful ...
(Jogado: 3,074)
Jogos Online - Steppenwolf
Move Steppenwolf through the world in an interactive series of action and log...
(Jogado: 2,701)
Jogos Online - Stick in Twiddlestix
Stick in Twiddlestix
The stick will rotate constantly. You task is to navigate the rotating stick ...
(Jogado: 1,745)
Jogos Online - Swordsman
Kill the ninja warrior as the swordman
(Jogado: 1,518)
Jogos Online - Tactics Core
Tactics Core
It is 7 versus 6 in this tactical board game of superheroes and their super s...
(Jogado: 2,395)
Jogos Online - Tangram
Tangram is 7 pieces of basic shapes that can be combined to form wonderful ge...
(Jogado: 2,466)
Jogos Online - Tatics Core
Tatics Core
RPG viciante e difícil.
(Jogado: 4,136)
Jogos Online - Tetravex
Arrange the 9 tiles into the 3x3 grid
(Jogado: 767)
Jogos Online - Tetrollapse Light
Tetrollapse Light
Another alone of the classic Tetris game
(Jogado: 4,522)
Jogos Online - The Big Game
The Big Game
Get your TV to work so that you can watch the big game in this graphical adve...
(Jogado: 1,523)
Jogos Online - The Mah-Jongg Key
The Mah-Jongg Key
Remake of the classic Shanghai game with excellent tile set
(Jogado: 3,148)
Jogos Online - The Peg Game
The Peg Game
Click a peg that can jump over another to an empty space to remove the jumped...
(Jogado: 3,408)
Jogos Online - The Worm Race
The Worm Race
Bet on the fastest worm in the worm race
(Jogado: 5,253)
Jogos Online - Trotter Track Arena
Trotter Track Arena
Horce race that allow betting
(Jogado: 1,525)
Jogos Online - Video Poker
Video Poker
Video poker game in Flash
(Jogado: 1,404)
Jogos Online - World Domination
World Domination
Strategy game where 4 nations race to dominate the world
(Jogado: 1,225)
Jogos Online - Wuzi chess
Wuzi chess
Play against the computer. Connect five to win.
(Jogado: 1,146)
Jogos Online - Xadrez
Fácil joguinho de xadrez em flash.
(Jogado: 1,806)
Jogos Online - Xiao Xiao 2
Xiao Xiao 2
The sequel to the funny Xiao Xiao animation created by Zhu
(Jogado: 3,394)
Jogos Online - XRaye
Swing from post to post and turn the peg in this puzzle game
(Jogado: 3,211)
Jogos Online - Zoo Keeper
Zoo Keeper
Conecte 3 ou mais do mesmo animal como um guardo de zoológico.
(Jogado: 6,909)